Western Pennsylvania Conifer Project

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 Longfellow Pine, Cook Forest State Park - Tallest tree in NE United States - photo by Edward Frank

Dale Luthringer, an Environmental Education Specialist at Cook Forest State Park, PA for the past 8 years, has been systematically documenting the large and tall trees in western Pennsylvania.  He has documented the magnificent stands of white pine at Cook Forest.  This represents the largest and best expression of the species in northeastern United States.  His focus extends to other areas of western Pennsylvania.  Dale is not only documenting white pines, but large trees of all species and old growth of all  sizes in the region.  Hemlocks represent another species pf particular interest, especially important in light of the threat to the species by the invasive Asian insect - the hemlock wooly adelgid.  There are extensive field reports by Dale Luthringer from Pennsylvania and from Cook Forest, as well as those from trips to several other states.  For full accounts of his explorations, please refer to the locations index pages of these areas.  The listings below include selected highlights of the field research and summaries of the results and are not complete listings of all of the trips involved.


Cook Forest State Park 



        Lightning groove down the side of a white pine 
        along the Fire Tower Road, Cook Forest State Park, PA - photo by Ed Frank







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