Cook Forest Hemlock Trail Triangle Dale Luthringer
Sept 09, 2005


Somehow I knew you were going to ask me that... "What's the latest
tally, Dale?"... I'm afraid I'm going to have to recount. I haven't
been keeping up well with my record keeping this year. I'm still
entering data as far back as May.

Large Eastern Hemlock along the Hemlock Trail, Cook Forest State Park, PA - photo by Ed Frank

Large Eastern Hemlock along the Hemlock Trail, Cook Forest State Park, PA - photo by Ed Frank

I do have one more 150ft class white pine though, along with another
140ft class hemlock. They are both located in that small section of
woods located between Hemlock Trail, Forest Road, and RT36. It's one of
the last sections of old growth that I've been wanting to survey so I
can wrap up the Cook Forest white pine tally. I've got about half of
that section left to do. I'm hoping I can squeak out one more 150ft
class. The 140 class hemlock was a real surprise. Here's a quick
run-down on what I have for that section of woods so far:

Species CBH Height Comments

Am. beech 7 120.7 by the trail
Am. beech 8.4 124.3 bugger to measure, another trail tree

E. hemlock 10.8 107+
E. hemlock 11 118.7+
E. hemlock N/A 124.1
E. hemlock N/A 124.4
E. hemlock 11.2 126.6
E. hemlock 9.5 130.9
E. hemlock 10.7 135.1
E. hemlock 10.2 136.3
E. hemlock 10.2 140 gorgeous tree, 300+ years old

E. white pine 9 136.9
E. white pine 10.7 141.7+
E. white pine 9.2 142.8
E. white pine 9.5 148.2
E. white pine 10.4 152.2

Yellow birch 5.8 100.4 couldn't "Eicholz" a better one yet

This section of woods is one of the finest old growth hemlock stands in
the park. I've intentionally ignored it by leaving it as one of my last
stands to survey simply because something this impressive just can't be
THAT close (adjacent) to a major highway! Somehow I can hear you and
Will in the back of my head saying something like, "Dude, you should
know better than that by now...".

Your cabin is awaiting your presence, Sire.