Pennsylvania Rucker Index Site Comparisons (4/17/06)
(Average of 10 Tallest Species within a Site)
(Bold denotes record status)
Eastern Native Tree Society (ENTS) members involved in measuring the following trees:
Dale Luthringer, Environmental Education Specialist, Cook Forest State Park
Will Blozan, President and Co-founder ENTS, master arborist
Robert Leverett, Co-founder/Executive Direcotr ENTS and principle architect of the Eastern Old Growth Forest Conference Series
Dr. Robert Van Pelt, Forest Ecologist, University of Washington
Colby Rucker, Retired, State of Maryland
Dr. Tom Diggins, Professor, Youngstown State University
Ed Frank, web master ENTS, geologist, videographer
Jack Sobon, Architect and Timber Framer
Scott Wade, Arborist Pennsylvania
Ron Busch, Arborist North Carolina
Carl Harting, research technician
Tony Kelly, research technician
Site Rucker Index
Cook Forest State Park 136.14
Fairmont Park 132.27
Wintergreen Gorge 128.8
McConnells Mills State Park 128.14
Ricketts Glen State Park 126.29
Anders Run N.A. 122.34
Walnut Creek Gorge 121.69
Clear Creek S.P. 118.3
Coho Property 115.74
Sisters of St. Francis 115.15
Hemlocks N.A. 114.75
6 Mile Creek Gorge 114.58
Heart's Content N.A. 113.79
Lake Erie Community Park 113.57
Elk Creek Gorge 112.83
Alan Seeger N.A. 111.13
Scott Community Park 109.56
Tionesta Scenic & Research N.A. 109.36
Parker Dam State Park 108.89
Allegheny River Islands Wilderness Area 106.93
Latodami Nature Center 106.51
Detweiler Run N.A. 104.65
Laurel Run Rd-Centre County 104.6
Hemlock N.A.-Laurel Hill State Park 99.82
Glenwood Park 98.08
Shingletown Gap 97.47
Bear Meadows N.A. 93.72
Frank residence, Reynoldsville, PA 88.82