Cook Hemlocks
  Apr 26, 2006 13:59 PDT 


I definitely have 5 hemlocks that make it into the 140ft class at Cook

CBH Height Location Measurer

10.2 140 Hemlock Trail Luthringer
11.4 141.4 Seneca Trail Luthringer
8.6 143.1 Seneca Trail Luthringer
8.3 143.4 Seneca Trail Luthringer
12 146.2 Seneca Trail Luthringer

There may be 3 others measured by yourself, Will, and BVP, but I'm not
100% sure if they either blew down, or I may have re-measured them
above. I feel very confident that I measured every hemlock in the
vicinity of Seneca/Mohawk Trails that had a chance of making it at least
into the 130ft class... and there are many. The trees in question are:

CBH Height Location

? 142.2 Seneca Trail-off path VanPelt
9.5 142 Seneca Trail-off path Leverett
~10 141.6 Seneca Trail-directly on path Blozan

I feel pretty confident that Will's hemlock lost most of its top in a
windstorm some 5-6 years back. So, I figure we have at least 5 in the
140ft class with possibly a top end of 7.