Anders Run Natural Area, PA Gallery 2005

Photos by Dale Luthringer, Will Blozan, and Ron Busch

anders_run_og_entry.jpg (108261 bytes)
Anders Run Old Growth entry
anders_run_11_3x159_6.jpg (123069 bytes)
Anders Run 11.3 x 159.6 White Pine
anders_run_norway_spruce.jpg (100711 bytes)
Anders Run Norway Spruce is still the 2nd tallest documented in the East at 10.2ft CBH x 132.7ft high
anders_run_nordmann_fir.jpg (105373 bytes)
 Anders Run Nordmann Fir - 6.8ft CBH x
91.8ft high as of Fall 2005.
anders_run_swo_champ.jpg (120425 bytes)
 Anders Run Swamp White Oak champion - the tallest documented in the Northeast at 10.4ft CBH x 111ft high
anders_run_will_wo_fatty.jpg (178039 bytes)
Anders Run fat white oak and Ron Busch
cornplanter_base.jpg (121233 bytes)
Base of Cornplanter Pine - 13ft CBH x 167.1ft.  The tree is now dead.
cornplanter_crown2.jpg (96430 bytes)
Crown of the Cornplanter Pine


IMG_0101a.jpg (93959 bytes) Ander's Run photos by Randy Brown
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