Cook Forest update   Dale J. Luthringer
  Mar 10, 2004 17:52 PST 
Bob, et. al.,

I finally wrapped up the white pine tally in the Forest Cathedral today.
I only found one more 140ft class pine with a handful of 130's and 120's
on the periphery and associated ridgeline. I still have to wrap up the
Seneca/Mohawk Trail area; then I'll finally be done documenting all the
known old growth white pine in Cook Forest State Park. A three year
tally will finally be coming to an end.

I was able to re-check the Cook Pine and the NE height champ white oak.

The Cook Pine lost 0.7ft from it's top. It was previously measured
4/3/03. It now stands at 12.4ft CBH x 160.2ft.

The last time I measured the white oak champ I recorded it at 10.6ft CBH
x 124.8 on 2/20/03. One of my measurements that day went to 126+ but I
couldn't confirm it. Today, I was able to find that sprig through the
leafless canopy and confirmed its new height to 126.8ft! The tree is
now 10.7ft CBH x 126.8ft.

Cook Forest's Rucker Index has now risen to 135.47:

Species                        CBH     Height   Comments

E. white pine                 11.1      181.3    tied 3rd tallest tree
in the E. U.S.
E. hemlock                    11.8      145.3    tied tallest in N.E.
Black cherry                  11.4      140       2nd tallest in E. U.S.
Tuliptree                        8.2        136.6
White ash                     7.6        128.3
White oak                     10.7      126.8    tallest N.E.
Red maple                     9          126
Am. beech                    7.9        124.4    tallest PA
Cucumbertree                7.5        123.1    tied tallest N.E.
N. red oak                     9.5        122.9

Zoar Valley, NY still holds the top NE position though at 135.51. and
that is with no conifers!

Looking forward to maybe finding another 150 footer in MTSF next week.