Glenwood Park Woods   NR, Cook Forest
  May 05, 2003 08:15 PDT 


Had a chance to visit a small mature woodlot in the city of Erie, PA which is very close to the Erie Zoo. The knarled crowns of some of these trees have beckoned me for years as I've driven past them since I was a young boy. I finally got the opportunity to take a walk through them today as i waited for the air conditioning to be repaired on my vehicle.

I'm not exactly sure who owns this site. I wouldn't doubt it if it was owned by the City of Erie. Bike paths stretch through this small ~5-7 acre lot. It is surrounded by housing developments and they are widening the main road that goes directly through the woodlot. The site is dominated by sugar maple, tuliptree, and black cherry. There are some nice N. red oak and shagbark hickory located here along with a few stag headed crowned white oaks. The heights weren't significant, but the CBH's were for a few of the largest single stem forest grown trees that I've been able to locate in the state so far. The tallest and fattest of the day's finds as follows:

SP CBH Height Comment

TT 10.1 113.9
SM N/A 110.3
SM 10.8 102.1+ largest CBH single stem to date
SH 9.5 106.3 largest CBH single stem to date
WO 12.7 104.5 another 12x100 club member 42 5.693N x 80 4.583W
RM 9 100.1
RM 12 93.1+ largest CBH single stem to date
BC 7 99.1+
AM N/A 95
NRO 11.6 90.8
basswood 7.5 90.1+
EHHB 3.4 70.7

Rucker Index is only 98.08, but could easily go over 100 if I took some more time.

This site is on a flat ridge top adjacent to Mill Creek which is another one of our smaller Erie County gorges.