Valley Forge Park, PA
  Apr 30, 2005 11:02 PDT 

I didn't make it to Fairmount on Thursday. I hit some serious traffic in the AM, and detoured to Valley Forge park. Valley Forge is home to several champion trees, and some big sycamores. Here is what I found. I am sure there are more trees here also. 

vf_maxwells_sycamore2.jpg (73827 bytes)
 the Maxwell Sycamore
20.9 X 119.9

vf_maxwells_black_walnut2.jpg (81874 bytes) the Maxwell Black Walnut, state champ
   18.1 X 93.9


vf_laffayette_sycamore1.jpg (85329 bytes) the Laffayette Sycamore, yes another one named after the same guy!
   23.2 X 89.4

vf_ironwood3a.jpg (75539 bytes)  the Tindle Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana), state champ
   8'6 X 42.9

 vf_blackhaw_viburnum.jpg (82273 bytes) the Potts Blackhaw Viburnum, state champ
   2.4 X 19.9

 vf_hackberry2champ.jpg (75897 bytes) Hackberry
   12.9 X 74.4
Hackberry 2 I think this is the state champ tree, but it is unclear on it's location.

vf_pawlings_sycamore4.jpg (75988 bytes)  the Pawling Sycamore
   21.4 X 83 142' avg spread!! (longest spread was 147')

I also stopped by the Delaware county community college and checked on a couple of champs there.

dccczelkova2.jpg (88572 bytes)  Zelkova serrata, state champ This is amazing, because this tree was only introduced in 1864!
22.2 X 92

dccc_southern_magnolia.jpg (72502 bytes)  Southern Magnolia, state champ
   5.8 X 57.2
   15.6 X 86.1

I will get to Fairmount sooner or later. I didn't feel so bad after I saw John's coverage. I have calls into the park folks, as they will be able to tell us where the big ones are. Hopefully.

Some pics for the Valley Forge trip report. Also one additional tree I call the chimney. It was a 18' CBH sycamore that had no top, but is alive. I was able to stand inside with my arms outstretched and look up to the sky. It had been burned out by someone. 

vf_chimney_sycamore1.jpg (45006 bytes) vf_chimney_sycamore2.jpg (91815 bytes)


RE: Valley Forge Park, PA   Will Blozan
  Apr 30, 2005 19:01 PDT 
DAMN! What was the longest spread on the Pawling sycamore? 

How did your
laser shots compare to the PA listings for the state records?

What species is the Tindle Hornbeam?

Will B

RE: Valley Forge Park, PA
  May 01, 2005 06:28 PDT 

The pawlings is not the state record, but the others that were came in a little shorter than previously recorded. Nothing over 10' in difference. Most of the trees in VFP were measured in 1995. So things could have changed since then. The pawling sycamore longest spread was 147'. Wait til you see the pic. It grows out, touches the ground, and heads back up. I guess it is getting into that grey area of being a multi stemmed tree, as it is rooted where it contacts the ground.

Tindle Hornbeam:  Carpinus caroliniana. Ironwood, or blue beech among it's many names.