Troutman Run, Pa Dale Luthringer
Jun 24, 2003 07:38 PDT 


I took a little excursion to Troutman Run, about 2 miles up-river from the Park Office, to see if my prediction of a couple more 140ft white pine and a new park basswood record could be confirmed. Well, looks like we'll have to add a couple more pine to the data base. The basswood that I thought would go 110 was a couple feet under, but still broke the previous park height record. Although I did find another on the opposite side of the Clarion River that just topped 110... counting the new record witch hazel, that makes 2 new records yesterday.

The day's tally of more significant trees follows:

Species CBH Height Comments Location

Am. basswood 5.4 107.9 2nd tallest in park Troutman Run
Am. basswood ~10-11 110.2 tallest in park south bank Clarion River
cucumbertree 5.6 116 (double)
cucumbertree 7.9 116.4 (great shape, 150+ years old)
white pine N/A 135.5
white pine 9.5 135.6
white pine 8.8 139.2 (located in old sawmill site in stream bed)
white pine 8.6 140.1 (located in old sawmill site in stream bed)
white pine 7 146.6 (steep bank overlooking old sawmill site)
white pine 9.5 148.4 (located in old sawmill site in stream bed, probably in the old mill pond)
witch hazel 1 27.4 new state record Troutman Run

I thought the 148.4 white pine was just going to make 150, but it wasn't meant to be. These are definitely 2nd growth white pine that are approaching 150-175 years old. It is interesting to see the heights that can be achieved by these young white pine that have sprouted up out of an old sawmill mill pond. The 140ft white pine site is within a steep valley at the confluence of Troutman Run and the Clarion River. The entire area was selectively cut of all white pine somewhere in the early to mid 1800's. There were a number of older hemlock, N. red oak, and red maple (>150 years) that dotted this drainage also. It was a great walk on a sunny day along this boulder strewn site... the mosquitoes found it quite pleasant also.