SE PA white pine
  Apr 27, 2006 17:12 PDT 

Found a nice old white pine today. Not a Cook pine, but big for the Se Pa area. It is located at a late 1700's farm house that now houses the local Penn State cooperative extension agency and 4-H. It stands by itself in the front yard, but is of forest habit. Extremely healthy.

9.1x 107.2 A very nice single stem specimen with few branches below 50'

Won't make Bob's list though.

RE: white pine   Robert Leverett
  Apr 28, 2006 05:06 PDT 


   One objective of our lists and big tree/tall tree analysis is to
develop maps that show the potential of a species across its full range.
I would say that if the dimensions you recorded for that pine
demonstrate its potential within that geographical area, then your data
is extremely valuable and it should be included in a regional list of
maximums. What do you typically see white pines do there?

RE: white pine
  Apr 28, 2006 12:25 PDT 

The remainder of the old growth white pine in Se Pa are few and far between. They tend to be fat and short, with many broken tops. I measured another a couple of weeks ago that was 11+ x 91. A very old single stem tree, just not tall. I will gather the white pines I have measured in the past and send them to you. I have one from NJ too. I still want to get out to that one reported to me from Lititz in Lancaster county. Gentleman believes it is 150+, maybe 170, but who knows how he came up with that.
I think white pine doesn't get tall here due to weather events like ice and hurricanes. the tops are repeatedly broken out. They are usually independent trees and do not have the benefit that a grove of white pine would have, like Cook.