Cook Forest State Park, Pennsylvania

      Cook Forest Fire Tower view

PA - Cook Forest SP



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Trip Reports




  • Fallen Cucumber Tree - Four Years later ENTS, In the late winter of 2004-2005, likely around February 2005 a large cucumbertree fell along the Red Eft Trail at Cook Forest State Park, PA. A measurement of the tree a couple years previously found it to be 111.2 feet tall and 11.6 feet in girth. [link] What makes this tree particularly interesting is that a tree ring count of cookie cut from the fallen trunk about 21 feet from the base yielded 439 rings, making it the oldest cucumber tree ever documented. Below is a series of photos showing the tree as it is today, colonized by a wide variety of plants and fungi. Also a large toad hopped under the log while I was taking these photos September r 14, 2009 






            Lightning groove down the side of a white pine 
            along the Fire Tower Road, Cook Forest State Park, PA - photo by Ed Frank