Cook Trail Tally   NR, Cook Forest
  Jul 22, 2002 16:44 PDT 
Bob, Colby, et. al.:

Another great day in the woods, albeit a hot & humid 90F+ degree one. This section of Cook Trail is adjacent to Cemetery Road just past the Cook Cemetery on steep rubble banks with a small almost intermittent stream at the base of the valley. Nothing really spectacular, but I thought you might be interested in some of the taller tree heights located in this old growth area.

Bob, remember in 1997 when you, Will, BVP and I went through there measuring trees and you got all excited about the big pines at the bottom of that valley? Do you remember what you got for heights on some of those trees... in particular the ones you (collectively speaking) dubbed the "Two Brothers"? I thought you (collectively again) may have come up with pine close to 150ft here? It would be nice to see how they've gained or lost height in 5 years. I measured the two pine in question from three different angles and came up with very close heights all within 1.7ft of each other. These were very challenging trees to get heights on.

The following is a tally of white pine and tallest representation of other species so far recorded in this area to date:

Specie CBH Height Comments

white pine 11.9 143 just off Cemetery Rd about 25yds, measured from down in the valley, distance to top was 91 yds!
white pine 10.6 141.3 one of the "Two Brothers"
white pine 11.9 140 the other "Two Brothers"
white pine 9.9 138.3 base of Henry Run
white pine 11.6 137.5 base of Henry Run
white pine 9.13 132.4 base of Henry Run
white pine 11.6 137 Cook Trail/River Road
white pine 11.0 134.3 Cook Trail/River Road
white pine 11.1 134.1 Cook Trail/River Road
white pine 11.2 129.8 Cook Trail/River Road
white pine 11.1 127.6 Cook Trail/River Road
white pine 10.5 124.4 Cook Trail/River Road
white pine 11.2 122.5 Cook Trail/River Road

E. hemlock 9.7 124.3 base of Henry Run
black cherry 5.4 111.5 base of Henry Run
white ash 104.6 base of Henry Run
tuliptree 6.3 103.8 base of Henry Run
cucumbertree 103.6 base of Henry Run
red maple 94.2 base of Henry Run

I don't think I'll include these white pine in the Forest Cathedral white pine tally... there is about a 300 yard gap of very young second growth and a road separating the Forest Cathedral and Cook Trail old growth areas.

I believe I will include the white pine located in the Hemlock/Seneca/Mohawk Trail area with the Forest Cathedral white pine tally since these areas are technically connected with old growth even though they are separated by roads. These added areas were part of the original Cook Forest tract purchase and include areas that have never been logged before. Bob, Colby... what do you think?

Colby, I finally found a shagbark hickory: 3.5ft CBH, 83.3ft high, Forest County, on a high bank along River Road near Cook Cemetery, 7/22/02, 2 sin triangle method. Couldn't find any others in the area.