Cook Forest Age Distributions   Dale J. Luthringer
  Nov 11, 2004 16:39 PST 


Good points. I'd estimate the age of Cook's tallest as follows:

Species Height Est. Age

E. white pine 182 250
E. hemlock 145.7 350
Black cherry 140 200
Tuliptree 136.6 150
White ash 128.3 150
White oak 126.8 225
Red maple 126 175
Am. beech 124.4 115
Cucumbertree 123.1 200
N. red oak 122.9 ? (never saw it-measured by
Leverett & Diggins)

I wouldn't call any of the trees fast growers. Most are slow, <4"/year,
whereas the record white pine and hemlock may put on just over 4"/year
depending on growing conditions. It's interesting how our fastest
growers are also conifers and probably our oldest specimens on this