Cook Forest Big Tree Extravaganza

April 26-27, 2003

Cook Forest State Park, in conjunction with the Eastern Native Tree Society (ENTS), will held a two-day series of free events open to the public focusing on the old growth forests of Cook Forest and the Eastern United States.  Will Blozan, an arborest, and ENTS President and Co-founder  climbed to the top of the Seneca Pine (169ft high) to confirm its height and trunk dimensions, which is likely the largest E. white pine in Pennsylvania. 

The images below are linked to real media 9 video clips of Will's climbing of the tree. 

  for a free player.

They are encoded at a display rate of 28k.  Anyone who participated in the big tree extravaganza can email me and I will send them a dvd-r of the raw footage of the climb.

Will Blozan's Introduction (391 kb)

Will Blozan's Climb (799 kb)

At the top (792 kb)

The climb down and measuring the girth of the pine. (488 kb)


Copyright 2003 by Edward Forrest Frank