Cook Forest Summary    Dale J. Luthringer
   Mar 04, 2004 14:30 PST 


That's quite the 'resume' you folks have put together. The sugar maple
projection to 140 is interesting. There's got to be a mid 130 class
sugar somewhere in PA, but I just can't seem to break the mid 120
threshold so far in NW PA.

Here are some respective stats for Cook Forest:

Rucker site index: 135.27

# species reaching 180ft in height or more: 1 (WP)
# species reaching 170ft in height or more: 1 (WP)
# species reaching 160ft in height or more: 1 (WP)
# species reaching 150ft in height or more: 1 (WP)
# species reaching 140ft in height or more: 3 (WP, EH, BC)
# species reaching 130ft in height or more: 4 (WP, EH, BC, TT)
# species reaching 120ft in height or more: 10
# species reaching 110ft in height or more: 12
# species reaching 100ft in height or more: 19
# species reaching 80ft in height or more: 24
# species reaching 50ft in height or more: 26

# trees measured to over 180ft in height: 1
# trees measured to over 170ft in height: 4
# trees measured to over 160ft in height: 24
# trees measured to over 150ft in height: 71

# regional height champions (Northeast): 8
# state height champions: 11
# state champions: 3
# species that commonly exceed 120ft: 6 (WP, EH, BC, TT, AB, WA)
# species that have potential to reach 140ft: 4 (WP, EH, BC, TT)

tallest individual tree: 181.3ft (WP)
tallest hardwood: 140ft (BC)
oldest tree dated: hemlocks in the 350 year range, may go 450
acreage of old growth forest: ~2000