CFSP 170&180 class WP update    Dale J. Luthringer
   Oct 15, 2004 08:07 PDT 


In lieu of the up-coming Forest Summit at Holyoke, I thought it wise to
attempt to re-measure some of Cook Forest's more notable trees. The
following is a list of height measurements of 180 & 170 foot class white

Longfellow Pine
10/8/04 11.3ft CBH x 182ft high (sintop-sinbottom+pole)
7/02/03 11.3ft CBH x 181.3ft high (sintop-sinbottom)
4/20/02 11.2ft CBH x 180.9ft high (tape drop-Blozan/Busch)
7/97         178.1ft high (VanPelt, Blozan, Leverett,

Feather Duster Pine
10/8/04 11.2ft CBH x 174ft high (sintop+sinbottom+pol)
4/20/02 11.1ft CBH x 171.2ft high (sintop+sinbottom)

Seneca Pine
10/8/04 12.5ft CBH x 172.7ft high (sintop+sinbottom)
4/25/03 12.5ft CBH x 172ft high (tape drop)

Jani Pine
10/6/04 10.2ft CBH x 171.6ft high (sintop-sinbottom+pol)
2/27/03 10.1ft CBH x 171.2ft high (sinA+sinB)

Pine 129
10/8/04 11.7ft CBH x 168.7ft high (sintop-sinbottom) DEAD
1/27/03 11.9ft CBH x 170.3ft high (sintop-sinbottom)

The 182ft height for the Longfellow is an average of four measurements
using the sintop-sinbottom+pole to the midslope baseline:

182, 182.2, 181.9, 181.7

Last time I measured it was 7/2/03. It appears that one of the wettest
years on Pennsylvania record and about a season and a half of growing
season has bumped the Longfellow Pine up close to 0.7ft from its
previous measurement.

I also remeasured the tall hemlock along Seneca Trail to 12ft CBH x
145.7ft high. This is up from 11.8ft CBH x 145.3ft when last measured
on 7/26/03.

The following is the latest results for Cook Forest's Rucker Index:

Species CBH Height Rucker Index Status

E. white pine 11.3 182 135.58 3rd tallest tree
E. hemlock 12 145.7
tallest NE US
black cherry 11.4 140 3rd
tallest E US
tuliptree 8.2 136.6
white ash 7.6 128.3
white oak 10.7 126.8
tallest NE US
red maple 9 126
Am. Beech 7.9 124.4
cucumbertree 7.5 123.1
N. red oak 9.5 122.9

RE: CFSP 170&180 class WP update   Robert Leverett
  Oct 15, 2004 08:24 PDT 


   Outstanding. It is interesting to see your numbers confirming mine in
a round about way. The growth rates at Mohawk have been high. Most of
the 150s have made it only in the last two seasons. But Mohawk trees are
still relatively young whereas Cook's are older. Continued upward growth
occurs in fits and spurts for a long time. More on this theme in the
next e-mail.