Walter Dick Park, Brookville, PA Dale Luthringer
December 07, 2006


...I did make it over to Walter Dick Park though in Brookville. I've been 
here for almost 11 years now, and that's the first time I've ever been 
there. Nice little place. I here there's some interesting rock outcrops in 
the area (Scripture Rocks). Thought I had a fat oak almost directly under 
I-80, but turns out it was just a little short to put in our 12x100 club, 
12.2ft CBH x 93.1+ft high. It was definitely the biggest tree in view. I 
still find it fascinating on how 'scale' works. Trees of this stature aren't 
too hard to find in Cook Forest, but finding a tree like this outside of the 
park really stands out amongst the others.