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Jani Leverett (11/24/41 - 12/30/03)

Jani Leverett at the "Jani Pine" Mohawk Trail State Forest (2001).  The late Jani Leverett was the wife of Robert Leverett and one of the inspirational founders of ENTS.  She was of  native American ancestry and an activist who served as president of the Massachusetts chapter of the American Indian Movement.  She was a champion of the cause of indigenous peoples around the world, she spoke widely on these issue, including addressing the United Nations on these concerns.

Jani Leverett Tribute

Colby Rucker

Colby Rucker one of the founding members of ENTS passed away on November 24, 2004

Comments by Bob Leverett:   Colby was both a renaissance man of the trees and a down-to-earth season through season custodian of the forests and trees, be they natural woodlands or in urban parks. Colby was a master nature observer who recognized natural habitats and the processes that shaped those habitats. Nothing escaped his notice.

Colby's role in making Ents into what it is today hardly has to be stated. One has only to read his many posts to understand the immense impact that he had on the shape and course of ENTS. But he also worked with and through other organizations. His role in getting American Forests to move forward toward strengthening their rules for the National Register of Big Trees cannot be overstated. He was a behind the scene force, perhaps THE behind the scenes force.  He WAS the Grand Ent, the spirit of ENTS, the organization and movement's very heart and soul.

Colby's Corner - Essays and Poetry 

Colby Rucker Memorial Tribute - November 24,

Bulletin of the Eastern Native Tree Society, Volume 3, Number 4, Fall 2008  

 Additional Writings ad Essays not included in the Bulletin Issue 2,3 MB pdf

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Frank Decontie


Frank Decontie, was an Algonquin medicine man from Maniwaki, Canada, well known Native spiritual leader, and Native advisor to ENTS. Frank passed away in August 2001 of a heart condition. His passing was a great loss to the many.

Karl Davies: 

This is a quote form a post by Bob Leverett dated Oct 27, 2003: 

 Finally, on Saturday, we paid tribute to the passing of a dear friend. We dedicated a splendid white pine in the Algonquin grove of MTSF to our friend Karl Davies who recently passed away from cancer. The dedication was attended by 60 people. Karl's tree stands near Michael Perlman's tree. Mike passed away in April 1998. Karl passed on October 2003. Both Karl and Mike were protectors of the forest. They chose different, but equally important and necessary routes.

   One of Karl's close friends and fellow Quakers told me that he often walked the Mahican-Mohawk trail and had always admired the tree we dedicated to Karl. It seemed so fitting. We appreciated all who came to pay their respects to Karl. The tall pine stands as living monument to Karl and his work. We invite all to walk the trail and to remember Karl and Mike as they pass their trees.

Karl Davies was the proprietor and supervisor for Davies & Company in Northampton, MA. The company is responsible for the management of over 15,000 acres of private and municipal forestland. It specializes in forest investment management and agroforestry systems planning. Davies was a member of the Society of American Foresters, the Massachusetts Association of Professional Foresters, the Northern Nut Growers Association, and the Association for Temperate Agroforestry. Davies is the author of several publications. 

Karl Davies


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Michael Perlman: 

Dr. Michael Perlman was a well-known ecologist and psychologist who died in April 1998. He was a peace activist and a tireless supporter of environmental causes. A tree, the Mike Perlman Pine has been named in his honor. The tree grows in the Algonquin grove. Dr. Perlman wrote several books. One is entitled “The Power of Trees – A Reforesting of the Soul”. He was a great friend of Mohawk Trail State Forest.  The late Dr.Michael Perlman believed that trees have inherent psychological structures. He didn't see trees as having a human-type psychological structures, but one that exists, nonetheless.

Commentary and Remembrances


Bruce Kershner passed away on February 15, 2007.

Bruce Kershner: Bruce Kershner is a renowned old growth forest authority, naturalist and author. He is coauthor with Robert Leverett of the Sierra Club Guide to Old Growth Forests of the Northeast. Kershner has published a dozen books, including Secret places of western New York and Southern Ontario. His most recent book is Walking tour of Olmstead South Park Arboretum and he is currently working on Guide to the Trees of North America. Cofounder of the New York Old Growth Association, he has discovered more than 150 ancient forest sites, including many of the tallest and oldest trees in the Northeast. He makes his home near Buffalo, New York.  

Bruce Kershner Memoriam 
Bruce Kershner Tree, MTSF


Mary Byrd Davis

Mary Byrd Davis is a freelance researcher, writer, and editor. Her publications include Guide de l’industrie nucléaire française (L’Harmattan and Wise-Paris, 1988); The Green Guide to France (Merlin, 1990), Going Off the Beaten Path: An Untraditional Travel Guide to the U.S. (Noble, 1991, published under the name Mary Dymond Davis), Les déchets militaires nucléaires français (co-author) (Editions CDRPC, 1994), Eastern Old-Growth Forests: Prospects for Rediscovery and Recovery (editor) (Island Press, 1996),  La France nucléaire: matières et sites, 2002 (WISE-Paris, 2001), and Old Growth in the East: A Survey (revised edition) (ASPI, 2003). She co-authored a reference book for libraries on biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons published in 2006 by Facts on File.

She graduated from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, and holds a PhD in English with a minor in French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS in library science from Simmons College. She has served as a librarian at Northern Michigan University, Georgetown College, and the University of Kentucky.

She is vice president of the Centre de Documentation et de Recherche sur la Paix et les Conflits (CDRPC) in Lyon and was co-founder and first publisher of Wild Earth.   Currently she directs Yggdrasil, a project of Earth Island Institute


Conservationist Bob Zahner reads outside of his home in 2005.  Photo by Duncan Greenlee

This section is not limited to just ENTS members but to others who have made great strides an impact the field of forestry and old growth.   Bob leverett reported:  An icon of old growth forest identification and preservation has passed - my long time acquaintenance and friend Dr. Robert Zahner. I will soon write some words into the ENTS record describing the immense contribution that Bob made to old growth awareness. I am deeply saddened at his passing.

Bob Zahner Page