Rogues Gallery of ENTS Members (W-X-Y-Z)

Scott Wade
Pennsylvania ENTS

Stay at home Dad, free lance horticulturist/arborist. I manage the Big Trees database for the state of Pennsylvania and enjoy finding "new" trees to add to the list.

Champion Trees of PA Website 

Strange Birds - photo by Scott Wade

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Brandon Gallagher Watson  

Plant Healthcare Specialist
ISA Certified Arborist MN-4086A

In a former life I was a photo and design major at art school before somehow deciding urban forest pathology was my real interest (seemed logical at the time!) One of the reasons I switched majors was I was already interested in nature photography but really wanted to know more about the nature itself.

Plant Healthcare Specialist
ISA Certified Arborist MN-4086A
Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements
2239 Edgewood Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55426

Alan Weakley

Curator of the University of North Carolina Herbarium, a department of the North Carolina Botanical Garden, itself a part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The UNC Herbarium has catalogued over 250 specimens collected by Alan Weakley, and over 3,500 specimens annotated by him. As he continues to collect and to document the flora of the Southeastern United States, the UNC Herbarium will continue to be the primary repository for his specimens. He is the author of Flora of the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, and Surrounding Areas

Grad School:
  • Duke University '05
  • PhD, Environment, Botany
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill '78
  • B.A., Botany, Comparative Literature, Music
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Ray Weber 

West Springfield, Massachusetts

The Friends of Robinson State Park were formed to save the hardwood sections of the park from the state sponsored timber sale. Now the Friends hope to share what has been learned about the park with the surrounding communities and work to make the preservation of the park permanent. 

Lonbelia, Robinson State Park, MA

Michele Wilson

MA Licensed Forester, Conway, MA

435 Bardwells Ferry Road
Conway, Massachusetts 01341

Bankhead National Forest , AL - Flint Creek Sugarberry

Bankhead National Forest , AL - Flint Creek Cottonwood

Larry Winship

Location: Massachusetts 

Lawrence J. Winship, Professor of Botany, Hampshire College. 

 He received his B.S. (magna cum laude, honors in biology) from Yale University and his Ph.D. from Stanford University, where he completed his dissertation on nitrogen fixation and nitrate assimilation by lupines in coastal California. He continued his research on nitrogen fixation at the Harvard Forest of Harvard University, where he investigated the energy cost of nitrogen fixation by nodulated woody plants, particularly alders.

His recent research and teaching interests include the biophysics of gas diffusion into and out of root nodules and compost piles; computer models of forest succession applied to inquiry learning and the regulation of cell wall expansion during oscillatory growth in lily pollen tubes.

He teaches in the Environmental Science and Sustainability Program, sponsoring courses on sustainable living and the production of biomass fuels. In addition to teaching plant biology and forest ecology, Professor Winship is the current director of the Southwest Studies program and occasionally leads desert field courses on the US-Mexico border.

His other interests include sustainable building and timber framing, the natural history of the Pioneer Valley, hiking, and sailing.

Darrin Wu

I joined ENTS several years ago. I've also contributed a few pages to your site for Malaysia. I am probably the only Malaysian member of ENTS.

I have not participated much in the forum because there really isn't much going on about trees this side of the world. Originally, I was highly interested in the exploits of Roman Dial who climbed and made known to the world about the tallest tropical trees in the world, which are actually - found here in Malaysia. 

David Yarrow

Water Angel 
writer, teacher, healer, dowser, taoser, grassroots organizer, Earth advocate 

Extended biography at:

Turtle Eye Land Sanctuary

Ancient Forests Website:

Joe Zorzin

The Forestmeister: left brain is a wilderness fanatic who believes leaving the stone age was the biblical fall of mankind while right brain focuses on the Zen of silviculture.

* descended from Julius Caeser
* BS degree in "'60s studies"
* proudly in opposition to the deranged forestry establishment for 40 years
* I think ENTS is a great group, one of the best on the planet
* reality is a figment in Buda's imagination

Joe Zorzin has been a forester in western Massachusetts for 36 years working in every type of forest in the region. His clients include a Guild Model Forest (the only one in Massachusetts).


Timothy Zelazo

I am a District Manager for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), Division of State Parks and Recreation. I manage the North Berkshire District team located in the West Region. The team provides resource protection and maintenance for 8 facilities. These facilities include 16 satellite areas encompassing 59,000 acres in 23 communities, 170 miles of trails, and 105 miles of forest roads.

As a town planner (elected position) for twenty years, I administer efficient land use development and management. I have statutory responsibilities to make a conscious attempt to solve problems and direct the course of events when dealing with land use, open space and recreation, economic development and housing. As a delegate (elected position) to the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission for ten years, I study the problems, needs and resources of the region and make recommendations for physical, social, governmental, and economic improvements in the Berkshires.

I've been a Forest and Park Supervisor and Visitor Services Supervisor at most of the facilities I manage in the district. I was the Regional Program Coordinator for Interpretive Services, and I represent the region on the Statewide Safety Committee. I worked for the United States Forest Service stationed in Colorado, Wyoming, and California. I was responsible for assessing fire size, personnel safety, planning attack strategies, and forecasting fire behavior. Performed forest improvement work which consisted of timber cruises, timber stand improvement, fuel wood sales, erosion control, and trail construction. Trained and supervised forestry technicians as well as developed and facilitated weekly team reviews designed to ensure ongoing intensive crew development and quality control.

Some other background interests include Art History, Building Construction, Social Psychology, Political Science, Forestry, and Photojournalism. My favorite of my  publications appeared in American Photographer, published by CBS Inc. FEB1986