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David Kelley

Winters, CA

Consulting Plant and Soil Scientist/
Consulting Arborist
Kelley & Associates Environmental Sciences, Inc.
216 F Street #51
Davis, California 95616

K&AES, Inc. has provided consultation in environmental, arboricultural, agricultural, and earth sciences for over 25 years.  David Kelley, Principal, has testified as a litigation expert in hundreds of legal actions, developed or consulted on hundreds of ecological restoration and environmental mitigation projects, and provided expert consultation to hundreds of clients in California, the US, and in several other countries in South, Central, and North America, Asia, and other parts of the world.  K&AES provides training, support, and professional consultation on trees, soils, agricultural, and biological issues for clients across the globe.
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Anthony Kelly

Carnegie Mellon University Staff:
Research Assistant

Speech Perception and Learning Laboratory
(Lori Holt)

Before coming to work in the Speech Perception and Learning Laboratory, Anthony taught English as second language in France for a number of years. He earned his B.A. in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University in 1986 and studied linguistics and translation (French - English) at Universite Paris IV.

Josh Kelly 

I was born in the Spring Creek section of Madison County, NC and my earliest memories are of playing in the forests and streams near my family home. My sense of place and connection with nature have always been an important source of growth and renewal for me, and as a way to better understand the natural world, I pursued and received a degree in biology with a focus on botany from UNC-Asheville. I continue to play in the forests and mountains I have always loved, in search of the highest quality forests in our region. When I find them, I describe and document them, and hope that by doing so and sharing what I find with the public, that permanent protection of all old-growth forest in the National Forests of the Southern Blue Ridge can be achieved. 

John Knuerr

Forest Researcher and Photographer for ENTS and Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest.

My educational background is in psychology and philosophy. I taught environmental ethics for a number of years at our local community college. My day job is in what’s called Organization Development (Organizational Behavior). I’ve worked in healthcare systems as an internal consultant for many decades. I’ve always had a love for nature. Even as a small child in Germany, I loved going out with my grandfather into the woods. I moved to Massachusetts in 1995 and shortly thereafter met and started working with Bob on the old growth sites primarily to help photo-document the sites and the trees. Through Bob I learned to identify the trees by their bark. A funny result of learning tree ID by looking at the bark of old growth trees was that I had a heck of a time identifying young tree bark. Probably the opposite of how most people would learn!

Beth Koebel

Member - joined Sep 26 I was raised in a small college town (my high school class was the largest to graduate with 77 people) about 25-30 miles east of St. Louis.
After a brief stint in college I went to work at fast food joints,  Domino's, McDonald's, etc. and taking a class or two at a community college.  12 years later I had a AAS degree in Medical Technology.  My first real job was at Alexian Brothers Hospital located on South Broadway in St. Louis.  After two years I decided to go to medical school and then spent about two years living on St. Martin in Netherland Antilles in the Caribbean.  Thereafter I transferred to a school that had clinicals in the US.  I did my Clinicals at Jackson Park Hospital just south of the Museum of Science and Industry. 

After my graduation in Boston, Mass.  I returned home to Kirkwood, MO, near St. Louis to work as a lab tech.  I have lived here for the last 7 years and will be moving about 15 miles farther west this summer when my house is built. I will send you a photos of the area I like to go and relax in, Oakdale Illinois (this is the area where my mother's father's family settled) and the farming community it serves a little later.

Mike Kowalski

New Brunswick, Canada

University of Toronto '08
H.B.A. Cognitive Science Specialist

University of New Brunswick '03 Computer Science, Environmental Studies

New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Photography

I've been actively looking for big trees of all types in New Brunswick since the summer of 2008. 

I'm a cognitive scientist and  my intention has been to try and relate the experience of being
immersed in a mature forest to the effects produced in humans, described in terms of cognitive, affective, and behavioral neuroscience. It could turn out to be a thesis topic if I choose to pursue that...

Will Koomjian

Portland, Oregon

Oregon Big Tree Coordinator
Ascending the Giants Co-Founder

Will grew up in Evanston, Ill. and fell in love with the Northwest during a family vacation on the Oregon coast when he was 15. He moved to Portland to go to Reed College to get a degree in something or other, but got distracted and found himself climbing trees instead. Surrounded by some of the largest trees in the world, it seemed like a natural step to become a professional arborist.

When Will is not climbing trees, he pursues other quasi-sports such as getting lost in the woods, welding things to other things (and sometimes to themselves), and listening to his collection of old soul records.

“Most people just see trees from the ground, looking up at them,” he says. “With Ascending the Giants, I hope to give people a new perspective, to help them see trees from the inside out, the way a climber sees them.”

Will writes: " Lately I have been spending much of our time receiving and organizing the entire database of the Oregon Big Tree Registry and creating a new website for this on our site ( that will be more up to date as well as inviting and easier for the public to access."

"Ascending the Giants is a pursuing an ongoing series of expeditions dedicated to climbing and documenting all aspects of champion trees. Ascending the Giants' goal is to raise awareness of the importance of trees and the sensitive ecosystems that exist in and around them. Making updated accurate measurements and educating to promote champion tree programs will be the greatest tool for the success of these expeditions."
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