Rogues Gallery of ENTS Members (A)

Bruce Allen

Wetland Forest Ecologist, Wilmot , NH  

Bio: I am a wetland forest ecologist who focuses on wetland forests. I was lucky enough to spend 10 years working with Rebecca Sharitz at the Savannah River Ecology Lab.  My work on wetland forest dynamic studies included a post-Hugo study where we have followed forest recovery for 16 years.   I recently completed a PhD in wetland forest ecology at Ohio State University in 2007 where I cored large woody vines and used long-term plot data to address forest dynamic
questions.  My research has focused on temperate vine ecology and post-hurricane forest dynamics in floodplains in South Carolina .  I am currently a Research Plant Ecologist with the Army Corps of Engineers in Hanover , NH where I work on plant sampling issue associated with wetland delineation
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E. Daniel Ayers ( and Bo) 

A professional software and systems application consultant specializing in the implementation, administration, and support of groupware applications based in Lotus Notes/Domino and related emerging Microsoft Technologies.

Senior computer applications professional with ability to configure and apply Lotus Notes/Domino and related software technology for document management, strategic intelligence, help line support, technical reference, and/or other applications.  Certified LCNS Notes R3, CLP Notes R4, CLP Domino R5 Application Developer.  Active full-time Notes/Domino application development and administration consultant since 1993.  Experienced in multi-platform, multi-protocol LAN environments.  Mail migrations, LAN upgrades,  server and workstation deployment projects as well as complex multi-database applications. Significant experience in project management, technology assessment,  technical and end-user training, support, and mentoring, hardware maintenance and upgrades. 

1976 - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. abd - Social Organization (all Ph.D. course work completed)

1969 - Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania. - Master of Arts degree in Sociology

1966 - Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio. - Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Anthropology

AKA:  ZundapMan motorcycle enthusiast 

Glen Ayers

I joined the group after an ENTS conference at Holyoke Community College, a couple of years ago.

I am a "lurker" as they say and rarely post anything to ENTS, however I constantly read the messages and I am a good friend of Bob Leverett here in western Mass. We work on the same forest protection issues together with Mass Forest Watch and many others. I am more of an "Old Growth" ecosystem person, rather than a big tree dude, but I have on a few occasions camped out high in some impressive trees (old growth) to keep them from being cut down, both here in Mass and also in Colorado. There is nothing better, in my opinion, than living for a few days way up in top of a really big tree.


Pete Allen

I live about 20 miles south of Buffalo NY. Not far from Zoar valley. I became interested in wood and old growth when I met Bruce Kershner.

Dead hemlocks, Catacloochee area, GSMNP


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