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Elisa K Campbell

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Barry Caselli

I live in the part of southern New Jersey called The Pine Barrens. The most common native pine tree here is Pitch Pine, with a few scattered stands of Shortleaf and Virginia Pines. My interests include old churches and cemeteries, local history and ghost towns/historic sites, hiking, trees, plants and flowers, and photography of all of the above. When I'm hiking, sometimes I see Pitch Pines that are quite big. To my knowledge no old-growth stands of Pitch Pine exist in New Jersey, but I've seen some pretty big ones, comparatively speaking. In cities, towns and ghost towns one can sometimes find very large non-native trees.

Darian Copiz

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Ed Coyle, Long Island, NY

Congaree National Park, SC (2009)

Karl Cronin
My name is Karl Cronin, and I'm a movement artist. 
I make art that begins and ends with the body and its interface with the earth. In the middle it wanders through presence meditations, improvisation, scored memory dances, performance rituals, and cross-disciplinary research.

I am the founder and host of the Somatic Natural History Archive (SNHA) - a creative research project and public education platform. The archive's first major acquisition is Series 1, which will include the embodied histories of 10,000 US plants and animals. The estimated completion date of Series 1 is December 5, 2059. The archive is being developed using a series of movement research practices. Field research sessions are available for view online  and new entries are presented regularly in a series of free public offerings.
I work with a team of professional dancers, and we are creating dances based on the movement histories of trees in Brooklyn. We use biological, geographic, and historic facts as a starting place for our work, and then use imaginative exercises to expand beyond, our limited quantitative knowledge.

A native of Colorado and Texas, Karl's work is deeply shaped by his love of the American West. He is particularly interested in telling the stories that can be traced from the morphology of his figures (whether human or other species). At the core of his work is an exploration of how environments shape how life expresses itself.

His work has been presented at the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art (MA), Green Street Studio (MA), The Dance Complex (MA), Movement Research @ Judson (NYC), Draftworks @ Danspace Project (NYC), Moving People Company (NM), Jay Etkin Gallery (NM), the Santa Fe Art Institute (NM), SEEDS Festival (MA), The Tank (NYC), and in site-specific performances in over 14 states.

He has studied at The Merce Cunningham School (NYC), The Ailey School (NYC), Green Street Studios (Cambridge, MA), SummerStages Dance (Concord, MA), and The Dance Complex (Cambridge, MA). He has received choreographic guidance from Deborah Hay and JoAnna Mendl Shaw (The Julliard School).

Awards include a 2006 Emerging Artist grant from Green Street Studios (MA), a 2007 Choreography Fellowship from the Somerville Arts Council (MA), and a 2010 Jerome Foundation Travel Award. He has also received creative residencies from the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance (iLAB 2008; NYC), Movement Research (2008-2010; NYC), the Santa Fe Art Institute (Sept-Nov 2009; NM), and Flux Factory (Spring 2011; NYC). He is a member of the 2009-2010 Partnerships Academy (in partnership with the NYC Parks Departmentís community affiliate Partnerships for Parks) and a 2010-2011 research fellow at the Lab for Independent Scholars (Culture Push, NY).

Cucumber tree (Magnolia acuminata)


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