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Padgett Oak, Apalachicola, FL
CBH-24', Spread-137' and Height-48'


Larry Tucei, an ENTS member from Mississippi, is conducting an exploration of Live Oak specimens in the southeastern United States.  These trees represent some of the largest volume hardwoods, with the greatest girths, and greatest crown spreads of any tree in the eastern United States.  The plan is to measure as many of these trees as possible to obtain accurate documentation of the tree girth, height, and crown spread.  These results will be compared with existing listings of the Live Oak Society.  Some trees on that list were measured in 1934 and this provides a benchmark of how much radial growth has taken place in the past 73 years.  In addition Larry has collected samples for dendrochronological dating from downed tree specimens as there are limited accurate age counts for the species.  Measurements will typically also be accompanied by photographic documentation of the specimens and descriptions. 


Live Oak Project

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