Forest Summit Series

Holyoke Community College in association with the Eastern Native Tree Society is hosting a long term lecture series to focus on the history, current status, and the future of the Forests of the Northeast and beyond.

Ecological issues such as forest health, loss of habitat, and species displacement often vie with developmental pressures that focus on short term gains.  So the goal for the series is to focus on the overall importance of forests to the health of our environment and the economy.

The Forest Summit Lecture Series is investigating who the major players are and their positions by bringing together diverse groups including scientists, foresters, resource managers, recreationists, and wood products people.

The Forest Summit sponsors include: Holyoke Community College, Eastern Native Tree Society, Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest, Harvard Forest, Smith College, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Forest Stewards Guild, Walnut Hill Tracking and Nature Center.

Contact Gary Beluzo for more information at or (413) 552-2445. 


Forest Summit VII - ENTS Rendezvous, Oct. 13-15, 2011


Forest Summit VI - ENTS Rendezvous, October 14-16, 2010

Forest Summit V Lecture Series
, October 2007           

Forest Summit IV Lecture Series
, October 2006           

Forest Summit III, October 13-14, 2005

Forest Summit II, October 21-24, 2004:

Forest Summit I, October 24-25, 2003:


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