the rendezvous, appreciation and thanks   Sky Davis
  Oct 29, 2004 05:31 PDT 

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge some of the individuals who
attended the rendezvous who have yet to be mentioned. First off the
talented Abenaki flutist and flute maker Barry Higgins, who took time
out of his busy schedule to come out and provide us with some his
amazing music. I am not sure if everyone knows how lucky we were to
have him there. He is very well known in indigenous flute circles and
has played at some impressive venues such as the Metropolitan Opera
House. Next Ed Perley, a Maliseet Ceremonial leader and tribal
councilman from the Tobique Reserve in New Brunswick. Ed was kind
enough to come down to lead ceremony for the benefit of the forest and
the individuals at the rendezvous. He was joined by Talking Turtle, a
tribal councilman and Ceremonial leader from the Pequot Nation. I
personally was greatly appreciative of their singing and drumming prior
to the close of the rendezvous. Phyllis Silva and Lisa Beluzo who
cooked for the masses on Saturday at Mohawk. After a tiring day they
took the time to make sure that everyone had soup and veggies to warm up
with. Bill Boswell, regional director of the American Indian Movement,
who came from Ohio to offer his support for a very important event.
Caroline Cunningham who took care of the promotion of the event.
Cynthia Ross who helped me take care of, cook for, and provide hours of
silly entertainment to the Indian People who camped out at Mohawk.


Tree, gather up my thoughts
like the clouds in your branches.
Draw up my soul
like the waters in your root.

-J. Daniel Beaudry
RE: the rendezvous, appreciation and thanks   Robert Leverett
  Oct 29, 2004 10:34 PDT 


   I'm glad you said for the rest of us what needed to be said. ENTS
rendezvous are not about a few of us dominating the scene with tree
talk, but a collaborative effort of like-minded souls who come together
to honor trees and people who themselves honor trees.

   Yes, Barry Higgins was phenomenal. He was so good that most of us
just sat spellbound listening to him. We literally didn't know what to
say. I wish I had had more presence of mind to say more after he
finished and to especially thank him.

   Ed, Turtle, yourself, Bill, Robin, Barry, and Ishgooda imparted an
authentic Native American presence and a solemn participation that
enriches ENTS immensely. We can't thank all of you enough.

   Caroline Cunningham did an excellent job getting official support
from the Governor and State House. Then there was Lee Frelich who just
appeared out of the mist with Tom Diggins to further strengthen our
scientific credentails.

   I still am amazed that Bill Boswell, the regional A.I.M. director,
and Ishgooda of the Native New Netwok came all the way from Ohio and
Michigan respectively to participate. Ed's trip from New Brunswick was
no short drive. It is heartening when people of vision come. Their
presence dignifies the proceedings. It isn't about entertainment, but
cause. That we can combine the serious with the light hearted is the
hallmark of ENTS.

   If there is a down side, those of us who planned the event felt
apprehensive when a larger number of people didn't turn out. Our
advertising may have failed to reach enough people soon enough, but I
like to think that the people who did turn out were the ones who were
supposed to be there. That's good enough for me.    


Re: More musings about ENTS   jarred trout
  Oct 30, 2004 06:51 PDT 
good post brother Tim...

even though the weather was less than desirable and there were more of the ENTS family there then the general public, it was a real good thing.

maybe there is a way to get more of the masses to experience the magic of Mohawk and other places.

Its first about getting the word out (which Bob and the folks have done)

Then it is about finding those things that will capture the spirit and imagination

Subtle things that some folks will tune into (most likely a handful out of a hundred, but some seeds planted and fostered is better than a barren garden)

And maybe we could find a way to teach more things, more often. I dont mean have a forest summit gig every weekend, but maybe one or two different things (culture, music, readings, interpretations, etc.) each month, in tandem with getting the word(s) out to every nook and cranny...

So the November calendar is kinda of open, why dont you get all your picture stuff together and come back to Mohawk???