ENTS Music Poetry and Prose Session, Rendezvous 2006
  Pamela Briggs
  Nov 04, 2005 19:30 PST 


8:00PM-9:15PM (Open to public)

Evening of Music, Poetry, and Prose in Celebration of the Trees

Federated Church of Charlemont, MA


Peter W. Shea, tenor; Lee Frelich, violin; Monica Jakuc Leverett, piano.

Music to include a first performance of a new work by Greenfield composer

Kaeza Fearn  commissioned especially for the occasion.


Readers include Ed Frank, John Knuerr, Ellice Gonzalez, with readings

from John Muir, Thomas Berry, William Cullen Bryant, and others.


ENTS Poetry and Prose Session   Edward Frank
  Nov 04, 2005 18:43 PST 

On Oct 20 Bob Leverett in a post to Pamela Briggs wrote:

"So, now we're looking to raise the bar even higher and an evening of
music AND poetry in celebration of the trees for the Oct 26-29, 2006
ENTS rendezvous could do just that. Lee has already chosen some complex
music by Cesar Franck. Wow! Exciting. After all, ENTS was formed to
celebrate the trees in art, poetry, music, history, mythology,
photography, science, medicine, fine wood working, religion,
mathematics, etc. ENTS was never intended to focus just on measuring
trees. "

Bob invited Pamela to read some of her work at the next ENTS rendezvous in Oct 2006. Tonight Monica Jakuc posted about a passage from "The Singing Wilderness" by Sigurd F. Olson. New England was source for a large amount of literature relating to trees. The William Cullen Bryant estate is one of the areas frequently visited by ENTS members. Along the trail is a plaque bearing the words to "The Riverlet." Henry David Thoreau, and Walden Pond itself both hale from Massachusetts.

Our culture as a whole is riff with passages relating to nature and trees. John Muir, Joyce Kilmer, J. R. R. Tolkien, each write of nature from a different perspective. I would like to see a full-blown prose and poetry session with readings from many ENTS people each highlighting a short passage that speaks to them or presenting examples of their own work to take place at this meeting. I would be happy to help organize or moderate the session to work in conjunction with the musical concert being organized by Monica.

If this idea is acceptable to everyone, Bob and Monica in particular, lets get to work. If you are interested in participating start thinking about the passage you would like to share, or which of your own work you would like to present, or start writing new prose or poetry for the event.

Ed Frank
RE: ENTS Poetry and Prose Session   Pamela Briggs
  Nov 04, 2005 19:30 PST 

Dear Ed --

Count me in. Perhaps, if it pleases the gods and spirits, I'll have a
book contract by then. Knock on wood!

Even if I can't attend the event, I can do things out here in the
hailstone and sarsaparilla belt -- like designing a program,
proofreading, or updating your Poems, Stories, and Musings page on the
website. Let me know.

Re: ENTS Poetry and Prose Session
  Nov 05, 2005 08:13 PST 
    Capital idea. Great one. And thanks for taking on the task of keeping the website current on each new theme we launch. I am really pleased that Monica is now on ENTS and will be a contributor. Let's see, we have Michele, Pamela, Holly, Susan, and Monica as female Ents who can post. On rare occasion Sky Davis posts. In the past we had several female students and a lady biologist-forester from Oregon. There are other ladies on the list, but we don't hear from them. I hope we will in the future. A balance is needed between male and female energies to make ENTS the best that it can be.   

RE: ENTS Poetry and Prose Session   Monica Jakuc
  Nov 06, 2005 12:23 PST 

Dear ENTS,

Yes, let's get some poetry and prose going along with the music for next
year's October rendezvous. I welcome Pamela's offer to participate in
any way she can as well. I'll talk more with Bob about scheduling,
venues, etc.

(Wo)man, trees, and this list cannot live by math alone.

ENTS Poetry and Prose Session   Edward Frank
  Dec 14, 2005 17:06 PST 

We have been talking about a Poetry and Prose Session to go with the
Concert at the next Forest Summit in Oct 2006 at Holyoke, MA

This past year we had our first Concert featuring Monica Jakuc and Lee
Frelich. Next year we are going to expand and include poetry and prose
reading by ENTS members. There area few things I think should be

1) We need to have a short reading from Thoreau - definitely and Iconic
personage when talking about New England, thanks to Warden Pond and
other writings.
2) William Cullen Bryant - A visit to the Bryant homestead is almost a
pilgrimage at each of the Summits I have attended. A copy of his poem
"The Riverlet" is posted on the trail to the big pines in the site.
3) Pam Briggs is a new member and writer from the midwest. Her website
says' "is currently working on a series of novels about a Slavic tree
spirit and some humans, with a cameo appearance by a bee." If she is
able to attend a reading would be welcome.
4) Gary Beluzo was writing a Requiem for a Forest for a section of
woods murdered by a logging operation.
5) "Jarred Trout" has written several poems and posted to the discussion
list. One post in particular stands out: walk amongst the wooded glen
 by jarred trout. A reading of this piece or another piece should be
6) Colby Rucker has written several excellent poems and essays that
currently reside on the ENTS website. One of these should be included.
7) Will Blozan has written a number of pieces for the discussion list
that are noteworthy. One that stands out in my mind is a trip report on
Cligman's Dome in 2002. He should present a piece.
8) I (Ed Frank) will read something I have written. either a new piece
or possibly and older essay such as A Cook Forest Walk from Nov 2004.
9) Other ENTS members such as Sheree Brown, John Eicholz, Monica Jakuc,
and Ed Coyle to name a few have all contributed essays and poetry to the

I would encourage people to consider participating in the session. You
never know what you will come up with in terms of poetry and prose,
until you try.

Ed Frank

"What you see depends mainly on what you look for." Richard J. Vogl
RE: ENTS Poetry and Prose Session   Gary A. Beluzo
  Dec 14, 2005 23:15 PST 

Hi Ed:

Awesome my friend...truly awesome.

I am writing a musical piece entitled "Requiem for a Forest". I have also
written several poems about several forests/trees I am acquainted with. As
we approach the Winter Solstice some of us go inward...a particularly
creative period right now...maybe the clearcutting of the forest behind my
house has nudged a change in the "state of the system".

Anyway, thanks for challenging us to think beyond the science.

ENTS Poetry and Prose Session   Charlie Spencer
  Dec 15, 2005 
Dear Ed: 
    Anyway, if desired, I'm happy to help read from the works of Henry Thoreau at the Forest Summit in Oct 2006, in addition to reciting some of my own poetry. 

    In regards to spirit or haunted trees, I work (April - November) beneath the famous "Enchanted Oak" of Stanley Park of Westfield, MA. Located in the Edward F. Piela Woodland Wildflower Garden, the tree was recognized for being "enchanted" by Stanley Park founder and endowed benefactor, Frank Stanley Beveridge (now deceased), known for Stanley Home Products. The "Enchanted Oak," Stanley Park's first public attraction, is widely recognized for helping visitors overcome adversity. The only real doubters are those that have yet to meet this great tree (white oak). I'd be happy to introduce you sometime. 

    Re: Haunted trees, I think of a gentle and mutual friend of Bob's, Michael Perlman (now deceased), author of "The Power of Trees: The Reforesting of the Soul."  A section of his book explores cemetery trees, etc. 
     You and I nearly met at the Forest Summit at HCC this fall. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to meet at the next one. Thank you for your service. 
Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! 

Charlie Spencer, West Springfield, MA

ENTS Poetry and Prose Session   Charlie Spencer
  Dec 17, 2005 
Dear Ed:

I don't what I would read from Thoreau. How much time are you thinking about? Maybe it is too early to know.

Like many worldwide, I have a deep connection to Thoreau, having visited Walden Pond, his cabin site, and gravesite numerous times, spending hours at the Lyceum, while even opening a Cable TV documentary on wildflower gardening at his cabin site on Walden Pond. Also, as a former tour package designer, I put together a package, titled, "Thoreau's North Maine Woods," which included a tour of Walden and overnight stay at the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA before heading up to the St. John River in the North Maine Woods. Also, as a former canoe trip outfitter and guide, I called the Nova Scotia wilderness my home for a few years.

Oddly enough, I've never read any of his works completely through ....only snippets here and there for the past 35 years. Yet sitting on a table next to my favorite chair is the beautiful old leather-bound booklet "Friendship and Other Essays," by Henry Thoreau. I rarely pick up the booklet, thumbing through the tarnished brittle pages to read a few paragraphs, then put it down for a month or two. My identity to Thoreau is found in quotes, rather than complete works, such as, "a man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to leave alone," or "In wildness lies the preservation of the world," or.....

Lots of time to plan. Right now it is time to catch the Christmas spirit.

Peace to you and your family,
Re: ENTS Poetry and Prose Session   John A. Keslick, Jr.
  Dec 24, 2005 18:54 PST 


Here is a Poem a late friend and myself wrote about Hearts Content while
touching trees.
Me and My Son