RE: Forest Summit schedule   Robert Leverett
  Sep 30, 2004 06:39 PDT 


   A little more information on the upcoming October events. Ecology and
big tree lectures will be held at Holyoke Community College in the
evenings of Oct 21 and Oct 22 from 6:30PM until 9:30PM. The lectures are
free to the public. Please consult the HCC website for details at   The lectures will all be great. With Bob Van Pelt, Will
Blozan, Dale Luthringer, Chuggie Kingfisher, and Eleanor Tillinghast,
how can they not? Bob Van Pelt will present 3 lectures.

   Friday Oct 22nd will be spent looking at old growth and big trees in
various places in the Berkshire region of western Massachusetts. We can
probably agree here on a meeting place for those who might like to join
us. The meeting places will probably be the Charlemont Inn in
Charlemont, MA, where we will likely meet for breakfast at 10:00AM.
We'll notify of any changes by e-mail to this list.

   Saturday's agenda at MTSF will be posted to the HCC website. We'll
likely have social events in the evenings at my house for ENTS members
and special guests. There will be at least some music. I think Tom
Diggins is bringing his banjo, Gary Beluzo his guitar, and a couple of
Celtic musicians will join us. Folk singers Jon and Peg Rishel will be

   The Forest Summit lecture events of Oct 21 and 22 at HCC will be
dedicated to my wife Jani who passed away on Dec 30, 2003. There will be
a PowerPoint presentation with music honoring her from around 6:00PM
until 6:30PM of Oct 21 and 22. Jani was the co-founder and president of
Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest, the Director of the Massachusetts
chapter of the American Indian Movement (AIM), a consultant to the
original Sunbow Five Corporation, one of the conceptualizers of ENTS,
and a constant source of inspiration to her many admirers (of which, I
count myself as #1 by a long shot). Jani once spoke at the United
Nations and participated in the largest gathering of indigenous medicine
people that the planet had ever seen - held at Six Nations in Ontario.

   ENTS rendezvous/gatherings are cool events. Way cool! So far we've
had the following to the best of my aging memory:

   Oct 1996 Wachusetts Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary

   Oct 1998 Wachusetts Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary

   Oct 2001 Mohawk Trail State Forest

   April 2002 Cook Forest PA

   April 2003 Cook Forest PA

   Oct 2003 Mohawk Trail State Forest

   ENTS events are often held in conjunction with others as will be the
case for this October. The rendezvous place most of the emphasis on
getting out in the field. Most events are accompanied by one or more
significant tree climbs. There could be several during this year's event
including climbs of the huge Thoreau pine in Monroe State Forest. We
want to resume our volume modeling of the trees of that size. The
current stats for the Thoreau pine are:

          CBH = 12.5 feet

          Height = 156.9 feet

          Spread = 40 feet.

   Will and Bob will take numerous circumference measurements and we
will model the great pine for trunk and limb volume.

   Places we hope to visit during the period of Oct 20-25 include:

     1. Monroe State Forest- Dunbar Brook area: Large swath of O.G. and
many big trees,

     2. Bryant Homestead: Tall white pines and a smidgen of O.G.,

     3. Mohawk Trail State Forest: tall white ash trees of Ash and
Indian Flats, the ENTS Grove, other tall pines, and abundant O.G.,

     4. Sycamores of Simsbury, CT including the Pinchot sycamore,

     5. If time permits, a groovy trip to New York's Catskill country.

   Hey, we're just a bunch of wild and crazy guys and gals who like big