David Katz Gallery:  A Rainy Afternoon Fieldtrip, 
Forest Summit IV

During the gap of rain, I got out and captured some of the late-afternoon misty forest. Until it started raining again!

After the Rains.jpg (46705 bytes)

After the Rain

Cold-River.jpg (82571 bytes)

Cold River

Cold-River2.jpg (88359 bytes)

Cold River

Cold-River3.jpg (124283 bytes)

Cold River

Mid-Canopy.jpg (139833 bytes)

Mid Canopy

Roadside.jpg (142158 bytes)


Well Rooted.jpg (123991 bytes)

Well Rooted

Wet Feet.jpg (149977 bytes)

Wet Feet

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"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" - John Muir