Thoreau Pine Climb, Dunbar Brook, Mass.,  
Forest Summit II, October 24, 2004

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Photos of the climb of the Thoreau Pine climb, Dunbar Brook, Mass, Oct. 2004 by Marsha and Fred Rutz.
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The climb on Sunday by Will Blozan, Bob Van Pelt, and Ed Coyle was historic is some respects. It was a climb of New England's only known member of the elite 12 x 160 club. Yes, the Henry David Thoreau pine is the lone member of that club. BVP recalculated its height at 160.2 feet and its girth properly determined at mid-slope at 12.3 feet. So the Thoreau pine in Monroe State Forest enters the record books as our only member of the exclusive 12 x 160 club. Our less exclusive 12 x 150 club has three New England members. - Bob Leverett, Oct. 26, 2004