Ice Glen Pine Climb Gallery, MA November 5, 2006
Will Blozan

Bob Leverett writes:   On Sunday, we went to Ice Glen where we quickly 
raised the Rucker Index to 127.0, courtesy of John Eichholz's keen eye. 
I have little doubt that the index will go slightly higher, perhaps to 127.5 
or 127.6.

   The main event at Ice Glen was Will's climb of the old Ice Glen white
pine. Because of the curvature of the upper trunk and the tangle of
gnarly limbs, Will could not drop the tape vertically, but snaked it
down the trunk. The length of the path was 155.8 feet. Consequently, we
didn't change the pine's lasered height of 154.3 feet, which I suspect
is with 0.2 or 0.3 feet of the tree's conventional height.

  The big deal was the volume modeling. Dale Luthringer stayed on the
ground and recorded Will's girth measurements via walkie-talkie. From
repeated girth measurements and subsequent calculations, Will calculated
the volume of the Ice Glen Pine at 920 cubic feet of trunk volume. Were
limbs added, the volume would likely be just at 1000 cubes.

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Submitted by Will Blozan


Photos by Holly Post