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On March 14, 2010 The Eastern Native Tree Society and Western Native Tree Society switched from discussion lists on Google Groups to a new discussion list in a Bulletin Board format at:  Posts made since the inception of the BBS on march 14, 2010 will be sorted and archived on the BBS. Click on the link above to go to the equivalent section on the new BBS. This website will continue to serve as a front end for the ENTS and WNTS groups. It will continue to serve as a repository of older posts, and will serve as the host site for special projects and features that are not well suited for a BBS format. Please visit the BBs for the latest information and trip reports.

Observations and Discussions

  • Looking back, looking forward  ENTS, Tomorrow's change from the Google list to a BBS will represent the 3rd Internet move we've made since the formation of ENTS. Our original list was hosted on a local Chicopee, MA server. The idea of ENTS was new and novel and despite the limitations of the server, we attracted lots of folks. Our membership increased to 125. But the listserve was too limited in its features and flexibility. Eventually Joe Zorzin encouraged me to move the list onto the Topica host. Immediately after the move, our membership dropped to around 75 and we stayed there for a long time. We stayed with Topica until Ed, with encouragement from others, prevailed on me to move to Google. That qickly proved to be a step up. With a membership close to 400, we've been successful on Google. It is tempting to stay put because moves are upsetting. We'll likely drop to fraction of our current membership on the BBS, but then the numbers will increase. Hopefully, our mission will be strengthened by a better, more functional designed channel of Internet communication.... more   Mar 13, 2010
  • Return to Cabin #6 ENTS, Yesterday I returned to Cabin #6 in MTSF to check on the status of the pines around the cabin. The heavy wet snow had broken branches that cluttered the ground. However, I found the Cabin pine intact. The following image shows the crown of this handsome tree. Of 4 prominent tops, one on the left, one on the right, and two in the center. The highest is the one on the left. It is between 154 and 155 feet. My last measurement yielded 154.8 feet. The center two tops are around 153, and the right top is slightly over 151.... more   Mar 12, 2010.
  • Gaining inspiration and direction from Gaines Gaines, I believe I speak for all Ents when I say we would thoroughly enjoy your woods. We most assuredly enjoy your descriptions and admire your passion and devotion. You expressed it best when you explained that for you, your woods are a 9, but for most Ents, they probably would be a 7, at least based on initial impressions. The two-point difference lies in the love, devotion, and intimate knowledge you have for your woods. The care with which you practice forestry and seek results consistent with your ideals calls forth another issue for me - the state of public forestry in Massachusetts.... more   Mar 8, 2010.
  • Cabin #6-Chapter 2 This is part 2, which I originally sent on Feb 26th. Mar 6, 2010.
  • Cabin #6 -- Chapter #1-another image ENTS, I forgot to attach this image. It is another shot from Thumper Mountain. Bob  Feb 25, 2010.
  • Cabin #6 -- Chapter #1 ENTS, This is the first of a three part series on Monica's and my experience of the last three days in MTSF. Part #2 will be presented tomorrow, and Part #3, the conclusion will follow on Saturday. The three parts will eventually be stitched together into a single Word document. However, I want to get something out now. I have also included part #1 as an attached Word document in case any one has problems with the email formatting.... more   Feb 25, 2010.
  • Reflections on the day ENTS, This morning I arose early, showered, made coffee, packed my gear, gave my sleepy wife a hug and kiss, and like so many mornings before, headed straight for my forest Mecca, Mohawk Trail State Forest. The day was overcast and it looked like snow might greet me at some point, but the forecast was only for flurries, no accumulation. I felt no apprehension. Besides, I didn't really care. I needed to rendezvous with the the great whites along the old Mohawk Trail. They were calling me and I always heed their call. I knew that once in their presence, I would be warmly greeted. From countless visits, I knew that I could be feeling tired, out of sorts, uninspired, or even sick, but within moments of being in their presence, the process of renewal would begin. An energy transfer would take place. I can't prove it, or even have an idea as to the mechanism, but I believe it happens.... more   Bob Leverett, Feb 6, 2010.
  • Goodies for Tim Tim, Yes, I can take credit for the photo and composition. However, I'm not ready to declare myself a photographer just yet. But since you were kind, hear are a few images from last June to whet your appetite for and memories of that great western landscape that you and I love so well. The attached series is from Monica's and my trip from Durango to Silverton on the scenic narrow gauge railway.... more   Feb 6, 2010.
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