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mill creek2.jpg (104399 bytes) Mill Creek- Will Blozan beside the Mill Creek Monster, possibly the most voluminous tuliptree.  Photo submitted by Michael Davie.
tntsca.jpg (68210 bytes) Scan of Will Blozan and a 16' hemlock  found in GRSM, TN side. Not the biggest known, but a nice shot of the "whales breaching the rhodo-sea".  Photo by Paul Jost.
sweetgum142.jpg (107770 bytes) 142' Sweetgum height record.
record_spruce_cropped.jpg (66236 bytes) Red Spruce, 11'1" X 154.7' New GSMNP and Eastern height record, near National Champion!  Alum Cave Bluff Trail, GSMNP
dsc00889a.jpg (143857 bytes) Tuliptree:  Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon River, Great Smoky Mountains NP, TN.  25'4" cbh x 132.8' (broken crown)  Photograph by Richard Chewning

dsc00940a.jpg (148081 bytes)

Tuliptree:  Porters Bowl, Great Smoky Mountains NP, TN.

21'10" cbh x 161.0'  Note the lack of balding on the lower trunk indicating a relatively young tree.  Photograph by Richard Chewning