Some Photos from the Smokies

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greenbriargiant-2.jpg (94788 bytes) The Greenbriar Giant tuliptree, on Kalanu Prong in the Smokies
gabes_mountain_hemlock.jpg (90168 bytes) Michael Davie approximately 80 feet up in the Gabes Mountain Hemlock
indianccreekred4-2.jpg (48657 bytes) Indian camp red 4: Largest known red maple in N. America. Current national record. 23'4" cbh x 141' tall. My first record tree that Bob Leverett drove from Mass to help me measure. third tallest ever recorded.
prsemass2.jpg (101398 bytes) Giant black cherry (prsemass): grows in the great smokies. 111' tall, 18' girth @ 6' above ground, 24' cbh, 31' girth @ 1' above ground.
supercuke2-2.jpg (50379 bytes) Super cuke: largest known cucumber magnolia in the Smokies. 18'9" cbh by 133' tall. probably the largest volume true magnolia in North America.
buckeye.jpg (88857 bytes) Yellow Buckeye, 229" in circumference, 134' tall. Gabes Creek, Great Smoky Mountain National Park