Tree Census   edniz
  Jun 04, 2007 20:56 PDT 

        I am assembling a group of volunteers to do a census of the trees in
the Village of Newark Valley, NY. Newark Valley is about half-way between
Binghamton and Ithaca. There are about 450 trees that are on the Village's
right of way or property.

        I plan on gathering the following information: street address, tree
species, age and condition. This has come about because of concern over so
many Norway maples on Main St. being in decline and what should replace them
as they are removed.

        I would like any advice any of you may have had with such a project.
The people I have contacted are fairly knowledgeable so we don't have to do
any tree ID 101.

Ed Nizalowski
Newark Valley, NY
RE: Tree Census   Paul Jost
  Jun 26, 2007 10:28 PDT 


Since your posting, I came across a list of tree inventory software on
the web. Here are some of them that may (or may not) be useful for your

Paul Jost