Map Coordinates   Edward Frank
  Jun 24, 2006 16:45 PDT 

I forwarded these websites to several people, but then thought others in the group might be interested as well.

This site will allow you to convert from various formats of GPS Coordinates in degrees, decimal variations of degrees, and UTM coordinates.

This site shows which UTM zone covers any particular part of the world. For example Kinzua Reservoir in Warren County PA (on the NY border) is in zone 17 T   There are several incarnations of the UTM coordinate system and the results may differ between them by a few hundred feet. The two most commonly seen in North America are:    NAD27    WGS84/NAD83   The most common in use is the WGS84/NAD83 datum and should be selected as the default when doing conversions unless another datum is specified.

This site is one of several online map sites on the internet, It will let you enter coordinates in various formats for any area in the United states and see a topo map of the location:

Ed Frank