The Wild Trees by Richard Preston   Andrew Joslin
  Apr 09, 2007 10:11 PDT 

Richard Preston's thrilling chronicle of tall tree hunters and
researchers, The Wild Trees, is released by Random House tomorrow April
10th. The book describes the tall-tree adventures of Dr. Steven Sillett,
Marie Antoine, Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. I believe Robert Van
Pelt and other ENTS are mentioned. The book includes a first-hand
account of the climb in September '06 to measure the world's current
tallest tree, the Sequoia semipervirens Hyperion (tape drop measured
379.1 ft).

Here's the LA Times review:

And more details, photo gallery and illustration examples:

Andrew Joslin
Jamaica Plain, MA
Wild Trees   John Knuerr
  Apr 17, 2007 13:52 PDT 
Anyone familiar with this fellow?

He was featured on the Jon Stewart show last week I believe.
RE: Wild Trees   Andrew Joslin
  Apr 17, 2007 14:55 PDT 

Here is his website with more details on the book:

and the site of tall tree researcher and Humboldt State U. professor
Stephen Sillett who is featured in the book (most excellent tree

Andrew Joslin
Jamaica Plain, MA
RE: Wild Trees
  Apr 17, 2007 19:38 PDT 


Steve and Marie are my best friends. Not only has Steve been my closest research colleague for more than the last decade, but has taken me to some amazing places. He truly is the folk hero that this book portrays him to be!

Richard Preston is a fantastic writer - I think this book is must read for anyone who follows their passion.