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During August 2005, I took a trip visiting many of the national parks in the northern half of western United States.  These are a few of the images from the trip.  I took perhaps 4,000 photos - easy with a digital camera and a laptop.  These are ones that focus on some of the trees encountered on the trip.

This western exploration was a smaller part of a longer trip.  Descriptions of other pieces of the trip include: 


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Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota.  North Dakota is the United States' least forested state.  Here the trees are dominated by cottonwood in the river bottoms and juniper in the hillsides.

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Juniper at TRNP

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park - southern unit - general view.  The southern unit of the park was considerably more grassy than the northern unit.

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Black Hills of South Dakota

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Pronghorn Antelope outside Wind Cave National Park, SD

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Custer State Park, SD

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Campground area at Devil's Tower National Monument, WY.  Visible are cottonwood trees.  There was a debate going on at the time about whether they should be removed because some were deteriorating and posed a possible threat to campers.

aug11-159.jpg (158492 bytes)

Trees growing atop the talus pile at the base of Devil's Tower.

aug11-177.jpg (161041 bytes)

Large pine tree at the base of Devil's Tower.

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Devil's Tower with trees.

aug12-013.jpg (141524 bytes)

Devil's Tower near the campground.

aug12-157.jpg (129884 bytes)

central Wyoming mountains

aug12-167.jpg (114719 bytes)

Central Wyoming.  The wind was blowing so strong here I was forced to take phtos from the vehicle to keep the camera from shaking.

aug12-183.jpg (140204 bytes)


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Regrowth in an area of Yellowstone National Park hit by fire several years ago.

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Regrowth in an area of Yellowstone National Park hit by fire several years ago.

aug13-099.jpg (136589 bytes)

Yellowstone National Park near Fisherman's Bridge

aug13-127.jpg (135736 bytes)

Yellowstone National Park - scene with bison.


All photographs copyright 2005 by Edward Forrest Frank