Simple Trunk Modeling Program   Robert Leverett
  Mar 07, 2007 10:33 PST 


I'm putting the finishing touches on an MS Access program to create
SIMPLE graphics displays of the trees we model for volume. At this
point, the program is not entirely user friendly, but should soon be.
Essentially, the program will profile up to 6 trunks in a side by side
comparison of trunk profiles. Measurement data are entered into two
Access tables, one a master table for trees and the other for
measurement data organized around frustums of cones, parabloids, and
neiloids. The program can be made available to whoever in ENTS wants it.
I'm not expecting to be inundated by requests, but when the current
version gets field-tested and modified accordingly, I'll try to respond
to anyone who wants a copy. The program was developed for Tsuga Search
and utilizes MS Access 2000. I can upgrade it to MS Access 2002, but not
2003 for reasons I won't go into here.


Robert T. Leverett
Cofounder, Eastern Native Tree Society