Taming the Wrap on the Bushnell Rangefinder

Colby B. Rucker

The Bushnell YP500 is one of the most popular laser rangefinders for measuring trees. It comes with a neck strap, and a protective covering made of two pieces of stretchy rubberized fabric. The first section, which Iíll call the sleeve, extends sideways around the entire body of the rangefinder, covering the operating buttons. The other section, which Iíll call the wrap, is applied front-to-back, covering the front lenses and the rear eyepiece. A plastic snap joins the two sections.

Once out of the box, itís apparent that the wrap isnít long enough to reach around the rangefinder. Set on a table, with enough effort, the wrap can be stretched enough for the Velcro to meet, but the rubber eyepiece is mashed flat in the process. The first option is to discard sleeve and wrap, leave the lenses unprotected, and try to be careful. Unfortunately, in going through the woods, a certain amount of fine debris is dislodged, and some is caught in the rubber eyepiece. Upon being raised for the first sighting, the accumulated debris is poured into the userís eye.

There are two solutions. One is to buy a binocular case and be careful not to drop the rangefinder on a rock. The other is to use the neck strap, and modify the wrap. The wrap already has the female part of the snap at one end. Carefully remove the male snap from the sleeve, cutting the stitches around the tab that holds the snap. Then sew the tab to the surface of the small end of the wrap, so that the entire male snap extends just beyond the end of the wrap. It will be seen that when the snap is joined, the wrap extends around the rangefinder without any pressure on the rubber eyepiece. The sleeve is not used, and the operating buttons are accessible.

Lastly, place the wrap under the rangefinder, and attach it to the rangefinder with two sturdy rubber bands passing beside the operating button. The snap is accessible on top. When it is opened, the bands hold the wrap below the rangefinder, out of the way, but easily closed before moving to the next location.