laser rangefinders   Edward Frank
  Nov 15, 2004 19:08 PST 


I have been looking at laser rangefinders to get into the measuring game.
I have been leaning toward a Bushnell Yardage Pro 500 DX. I have found
prices online down to $185. At Wal-mart today I saw they had a Yardage Pro
800 for sale at $249 - with a double discount I can buy it for around $200.
From experience, what are the differences between the two models? Should
I splurg and spend the $15 to buy the 800, or is the 500 the better deal
for measuring trees?

Ed Frank
Re: laser rangefinders   Lee E. Frelich
  Nov 16, 2004 05:46 PST 


I have always liked the ones with a 400-500 yard range better than the
800s, in fact I am thinking of getting the yardage pro trophy which goes
from 5 to 400 yd and fits in one hand. The 800s are good if you are trying
to avoid hitting a reef while in a boat, but I am not sure the extra 400
yards does any good for tree measuring.

Re: New lasers from LTI   Lee E. Frelich
  Apr 08, 2005 10:32 PDT 


Today I talked with a representative of Laser Technology Incorporated
(makers of the Impulse laser which costs $2500), and they are going to
introduce next month a new model called the TruPulse, (about $700, 5 x 2 x
3.5 inches, 8 ounces)) which will have accuracy of +/- 1 foot, and built in
clinometer of +/- 0.25 degrees, 7X magnification, and distance range of 0
to 3280 feet.

They are also going to introduce soon the Criterion RD Dendrometer ($1495,
3 x 2 x 6 inches, 1.1 pounds) that is designed to measure trunk diameter
and heights throughout the tree's height. It will also do stand basal area,
and the basal area factor can be set from 1 to 127 ft / acre.

In both these instruments data can be stored and downloaded to a computer.

LTI also makes the lasers that are inside Yardage Pro instruments. THeir
website address is