iPhones in ENTS Gary Beluzo
July 4, 2009


If you use an iPhone in your work then you may also be using GPS  
Motion X as an app.  This software program is absolutely terrific,  
and I will review it in another email as soon as I get out of the  
woods today.   The GPS Motion X is an AWESOME program now that I can  
post my maps, waypoints, and routes directly to Facebook, Twitter, and  
Emails automatically while I am in the field...It just gets better and  

If you are using an iPhone don't forget to upgrade your phone to OS 3  
which is free through iTunes.  Then upgrade your GPS Motion X to v  
5.1.1 and you will be amazed what you can do in the field with it.  
MoMore to come.

Prof. Gary A. Beluzo

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