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Date: Sat, Dec 22 2007 10:53 pm
From: dbhguru


One of the hot projects that Will Blozan, Gary Beluzo, and I share is investigating methods of modeling trunk taper. Jess Riddle would have been included, but he is now engaged in demonstrating academic excellence. His young brain is far more suited to that now than old fuddie duddies like yours truly. Nonetheless, the aged abd infirmed carry on. At the appropriate time, we'll present our data and results to Lee Frelich and Don Bragg.

I've started modeling trunks again with the macroscope and searching for mathematical relationships. Some will no doubt be regression-based. But as of now, we're nowhere near announcing a new formula or regression equation. One point I would make at this time is that we must distinguish ourselves from what the profession of forestry has done and probably is still doing. We seek to model what is actually there without smoothing off the internodes or skipping the challenging trees. Our trees will retain their individuality throughout the process, i.e. they won't get lost in the sample. I'm not saying that there isn't anything we can learn from those who have gone before us - just that our focus is very different. I point this out least there be those who think we are trying to reinvent the wheel. We aren't. Our wheel is only a wheel of sorts. It isn't really round and will never be an assembly line model.

The research being done will go into the dendromorphometry book and hopefully will eventually contribute to the other sides needs. One question I have at this point is how good is the prevailing forestry models at predicting total wood volume in the trunks of trees. My assumption is that the models are good when dealing with volume, but fall short when there is a need to know the volume of individual trees. Forestry models unquestionably don't apply to open-grown trees, especially the big, old ones, but probably do work well enough for smaller forest grown trees. I have to believe the amount of research done to date is overwhelming in that regard.