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TOPIC: ENTS Maximum Dimension List

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Date: Tues, Aug 19 2008 6:27 am
From: BVP


WOW! What an impressive list!. My hat's off to Jess for taking all
these numbers and compiling them into a single file. Well done!

I just had one comment. Max Spread. I do not feel that this is a
useful number. Max spread is an average of two branches. If you are
going to use an average, use one that is more representative. I
collect four crown radii on most trees. On trees with very large
crowns, such as a live oak, I collect eight crown radii.

A number I do feel IS useful, however, is the length of the longest
branch. This is not an average. This is a number comparable to tree
height, since it is based on the growth of a single appendage.

My two cents,