BMPs for Nonnative Invasive Species, NH  

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Date: Tues, Mar 4 2008 9:57 am


Nonnative invasive species (NNIS) are rapidly and radically impacting the
forests everywhere in the USA and NH is one of the first states to come up with
BMPs for dealing with NNIS along state roads.

Good news from the NH Department of Transportation! DOT has just produced a
control manual for invasive plants, intended for DOT folks and others like
town DPWs. It contains information about best management practices to reduce
the likelihood of introducing invasive plants into new areas via maintenance
and construction activities.  

NH DOT is now preparing hard copies for its staff, and also planning
training sessions.

This fulfills a recommendation of the new Water Resources chapter of the
Connecticut River Management Plan.

The same considerations should be an important portion of ALL timber
harvest planning.