Bristlecone,  NPS Photo


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Great Basin National Park, Nevada Bristlecone pine is the oldest of the old. While the bristlecone pine range includes the California's White and Inyo Mountain Range (there are trees in Inyo National Forest) perhaps the best place to see them is at Great Basin National Park, which has the three largest surviving stands. 

Great Basin National Park US Park Service site.

GORP - Nevada Wilderness Areas Alta Toquima, Arc Dome, Boundary Peaks, Currant Mountain, East Humboldt, Grant Range, Jarbidge, Mt. Charleston, Mt. Moriah, Mt. Rose, Quinn Canyon, Ruby Mountain, Santa Rosa-Paradise Peak, Table Mountain. 

Nevada Big Tree Program  The Nevada Division of Forestry's State Big Tree Program is looking for the largest tree of every native and introduced species found growing in Nevada. Nevada's Big Tree program is patterned after the American Forestry Association's 'National Champion Trees' program which recognizes the biggest tree of every species growing in the United States and encourages their preservation. Nevada's program, started in 1992, is a chance to show that not only does Nevada have trees, but has large trees of many different species.