California Sequoiadendron Climb   Robert Van Pelt
  Jun 13, 2002 09:40 PDT 
Bob, Will, et. al.,

I just returned from California where several Sequoiadendrons were climbed and mapped. I have yet to finish the data analysis, but already one of the trees has surpassed 40K. It was an unnamed tree discovered by Wendell Flint. Wendell is the man who first started accurately measuring volumes more than 40 years ago. Sadly, he passed away last month. We are naming the tree in his honor. 6 of us spent the night in the Great Bonsai, a ridgetop tree with the largest known crown of any giant sequoia. With at least two dozen branches greater than 5 feet in diameter, and three over seven feet, it is far and away the most specular climbing experience I have been part of.

Saturday I am off to Queensland for two weeks and then to New Zealand for three weeks. I am bringing an Impulse and the Criterion. Guess what I will be doing??