Wasilik Poplar   Will Blozan
  Sep 18, 2003 15:50 PDT 

The great Wasilik Poplar near Franklin, NC has been reported to me to be
essentially dead, except for one small sprout. Charles Warlick of GA called
me and related the news. I believe Jess Riddle has the ENTS measuremenmts of
this tree, which has a bizarre trunk formation that looks like a bottle with
a rapidly tapered neck. I believe it's girth was around 27'. It has for many
years been reported to be the largest tuliptree in North Carolina. Certainly
not by volume, but perhaps girth. So long big friend...

Re: Wasilik Poplar   dbhg-@comcast.net
  Sep 18, 2003 18:13 PDT 


I measured the tree in 1996. At that time, I got about 125.5 feet to a dead
top. Perhaps 50 years ago, it would have been 140 to 150 feet. The tree is 27
feet around. It is truly an old friend.

Re: Wasilik Poplar   Jess Riddle
  Sep 18, 2003 18:17 PDT 

That's similar to what I heard after Rob Messick visited the tree a
couple of months ago. He said most of the bark near the base had fallen
off and only two of the limbs, which are not the huge limbs typical of
forest grown tuliptrees, were still alive. The tree certainly doesn't
have the volume of some of the Smokies giants, but seeing a single
stemmed, 27'0" cbh tree in the east is still impressive.

Jess Riddle