Norway spruce- new eastern height record   Will Blozan
  Apr 30, 2005 18:59 PDT 
I'm sorry Dale, I know it has barely been a week since the Ander's Run
visit, but I must confess something. Today, on my way back from Gatlinburg,
TN, I passed by a client's property that has a nice grove of Norway spruce.
I have been meaning to measure them for several years actually, and since I
had not measured a single tree in two days in the Smokies I felt I deserved
a few minutes from the trip to measure something.

I only had about 10 minutes so I picked three trees that were close to the
car and easy to sight. The grove probably contains more than 100 trees. This
is what I found:

4'11"     X          111.3'

4'11"     X          131.2'

6'0"       X          135.0'

The tree is in Jackson County, NC at an elevation of approximately 2560' 
It is nearest the town of Sylva, NC.

Much of this grove is over 120', and may contain a few more 130'+ trees.

Again, Dale, I am sorry.

Will B

Re: Norway spruce- new eastern height record   John Eichholz
  Apr 30, 2005 20:46 PDT 


Wow, that sounds like a nice grove of Norway Spruce. So, at 35+ degrees
latitude, we see 135', and at 42+ degrees, 127' at MTSF, or just 1'
increase per degree. You could say that much of the MTSF grove is over
110', but only has a couple over 120'. What was the elevation?