The Memminger Tuliptree Measured James Parton
  January 12, 2009


Mom and I visited the Carl Sandburg Home last Saturday for a leisurely stroll. I did very little tree measuring but I feel that the place still has much to offer and has not been explored quite enough by either Will Blozan or myself. I measured a nice White Pine below the goat pens. Instead of doing the math in the field I waited until I got home. It came out to be just above 176 feet tall!  I said " Whoa!! " to myself. It just did not look that tall. I went back after work today and remeasured the tree and did the math on the calculator while there. It turned out to be 122 feet tall. I am defenitly not above making mistakes and this one was pretty obvious. I still don't really know how I came up with the first figure. The goal is to try to be as accurate as possible but still. I'm human and new at this.

Afterwards I stopped by the Memminger Tuliptree nearby and measured this 16' 6" cbh giant to see how tall it really is. It came out to be 108.7 feet. I measured it the best I could from Memminger drive. I did not want to cross onto private property. Scanning around the top I think I got the highest point. It should not be off too much.

The tree, while large has limbs that are not overly big for it's size and its bark form is " middle age ". I figure it is 200 years old, max. 150 may be closer. It certainly does not have the really old look of those Joyce Kilmer tuliptrees.

In the satillite photo, CS is for the Carl Sandburg Home. LR is for Little River rd. GH is for Greenville Highway, MD is for Memminger Dr and the circle is the outline of the Memminger Tuliptrees crown. " T " of course is for Tuliptree!

James Parton.

P.S.  In the older post I spelled Memmminger wrong, but you get the point..

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