Maggie Valley, NC Tanglewood Sassafras


Photo of  the locally famous Tanglewood sassafras in Maggie Valley, NC. I measured it at 16'4" cbh x 51' tall and it has bark like a western conifer. Definitely in the "freak-show" category since it is vastly larger than any other in the region. It has been brutally topped with mere sprouts composing the upper crown. Will Blozan, Aug 29, 2004.


The Tanglewood Sassafras   James Parton
  Aug 07, 2007 22:07 PDT 


Has anyone seen the huge sassafras tree at the Tanglewood Motel in
Maggie Valley N.C.? It is about 5ft dbh and roughly 50 feet tall. I have
never seen a sassafras so large. Has anyone else? I was going to attach
a picture of it but could not get Yahoo Mail to cooperate.

James Parton
RE: The Tanglewood Sassafras   Will Blozan
  Aug 08, 2007 05:34 PDT 


I saw it two months ago. Still looks OK after being struck by lightening
last summer. The tree has had some brutal "pruning" in the past as really
only looks good when in leaf to hide the hideous wounds. I measured it at
16'4" cbh X 50.9' tall.

RE: The Tanglewood Sassafras   James Parton
  Aug 08, 2007 21:55 PDT 


I have noticed that in older pictures of it that the tree looked
healthier than when I photographed it this last June. I wonder how old
this tree is?

RE: The Tanglewood Sassafras   Will Blozan
  Aug 09, 2007 05:37 PDT 


I have seen dozens of three foot thick sassafras in Illinois; I don't think
WNC is prime habitat. Incidentally, all five of the tallest known sassafras
that I know of are just a few inches different in height, centered around
118.5' or so.